Future Of Commitment

From the very beginning, R-K Industries has been committed to designing and manufacturing high quality and durable: Relief Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Regulators, Air Actuated Valves, Liquid Level Controls, Pumps and Solenoid Valves, offered in various corrosive resistant materials.

Over the years, we have earned our reputation for new product innovation through engineering advancements, progressive production techniques, and outstanding customer service. Backed by decades of applications refinement, R-K valves have been designed to improve system reliability, provide extended service life, reduce maintenance costs and all these advantages are offered to you at very competitive pricing.

R-K is a focused fully integrated company, utilizing state-of-the-art design and testing equipment to assure product performance. To guarantee consistent performance and quality controls. With every valve, every time, we test each product before we ship it.

R-K Industries features dozens of valve selections to satisfy off-the­ shelf demands or custom application solutions. Our engineers can provide you with answers tailored to even the toughest of design challenges and when we say it will work, it will!


Engineering And Design

In House Engineering services provides R-K Industries with innovative solutions to perform in tough application environments. Our goal is to produce valves and controls providing: innovative designs, economical service and guaranteed & proper configuration and fit.

With a thorough understanding of system analysis, mechanical & chemical engineering, and thermoplastic research... our products are geared to promote ease of installation, inspection with rapid purging, and optimal quick change emergency service and maintenance.

Manufacturing And Custom Valve Design

Accurate Tolerance production is the key to manufacturing valves and controls that will operate reliably for an extended life span. Use of the highest quality materials is also paramount to consistent and predictable performance for the exacting specifications you demand.

If you need to satisfy a special application, our valve design capabilities are a strong highlight in our menu of services. This is where we have earned our reputation as innovators of quality products for industrial and commercial applications.


Quality Control

Specially designed testing equipment and procedures have been implemented to certify that our Cv and flow curves represent actual in­ house testing results, the most accurate in the industry. Each component assembly and final product will perform to strict standards, before being released for shipment.

We have attacked the consistency issue from every angle, from the purchase of raw materials through final packaging. This is our most effective weapon in providing you a line of products that is above equal. Some of our competition may think it extraordinary, we consider it the norm. Perhaps that's why we have so many satisfied and repeated customers.

Our Values

  • In-House Engineering
  • Research & New Product Development
  • Each & Every Product Tested Before Shipment
  • Applications Assistance
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Immediate Delivery in Emergency Situations
  • Custom Valve Design
  • Comprehensive Distributor Network