The R-K PBP series pressure bypass valve is a 3-port valve designed to relieve excess fluid pressure in piping systems. When mounted in-line, the pressure by-pass valve will permit fluid to pass through the system. When the fluid pressure approaches the valve setting, the excess fluid is vented through the bottom port. Adjustable screw and lock-nut makes it easy to accurately pre-set relief pressure. Wide working pressure range (10 to 80 PSIG) Top entry for easy in-line maintenance and can be factory pre-set upon request. No metal contact with fluid Note:This valve is not designed to be used in piping systems with back-pressure on the downstream side.

The R-K AOV series air valve features a compact thermoplastic valve available in six models to handle a multitude of piping system functions. This patented valve is designed so there is no metal contact with the fluid, and can be operated in any position Air actuated at 40 to 80 PSI. Direct acting full flow with top entry for easy maintenance and minimum water hammer. Suitable for most harsh chemicals, pollution control, wet processing stations, plating equipment, chemical processing and water treatment applications.

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